Logitech Announces Bluetooth Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

| August 10, 2011 | Reply

So this might help convince me to get a tablet. A keyboard. But then again, I have a laptop with…a keyboard, so maybe not. Anyway, news this morning is that Logitech has partnered with ZAGG and created a keyboard/case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. You’ve probably already seen the iPad 2 keyboard/case, that doubles as a protective covering for the tablet, keeping it safe as it falls to the bottom of your bag. Oh, wait, probably not a concern for many of you ninjas.

Although pictured above docked in portrait mode, it can also be used in landscape, and the keyboard connects to the tablet via Bluetooth. Look for shortcut keys for Honeycomb tasks and USB charge capability. Pre-order now for $99, but take your chances on a shipping date, which hasn’t been released yet.

Source: androidcentral

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