NASA To Have News Briefing To Announce “Significant Findings” [Update]

| August 4, 2011 | Reply

A lot of people tuned in to watch the last space shuttle takeoff on NASA TV. Like most, I figured we wouldn’t hear much from the group for a while. But they have made some “significant findings” from the Mars orbiter and would like to have a news conference about it today and 2pm EST. If you’d like to tune in and watch what they have found (don’t expect aliens) we will have a link to the online feed below. The Mars orbiter has been circling around the planet since 2006 and I can only remember one other press conference about it since that time, so it may be something neat. Or just..”hey we found another maybe sorta dried river and we think water could be underground somehow without oxygen”.

UPDATE: Yep, more maybe water if it isn’t dirt, as it looks to be.

Ustream channel for conference: Ustream

Source: NASA

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