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| August 2, 2011 | 3 Replies

I’ll begin by saying that this is really a tablet (…or is it?) . But as has been demonstrated with e-readers like the Nook Color and the original Pandigital Novel, it doesn’t take much for developers to turn these Android-based readers into full-blown Android tablets.

Best Buy is now selling the new, budget-priced Pandigital Nova Digital Reader. The Nova runs Android 2.3 and features an 800MHz processor, 7-inch (600×800) TFT LCD screen, and 4GB internal storage with microSD expansion slot. Connection-wise, there’s support for mini USB 2.0, micro HDMI output, and Wi-Fi (802.11n). It also sports both forward and rear facing cameras.

We’re not sure how heavily skinned the reader is, but the screenshot shows a pretty vanilla version of Android. We do know that it comes preloaded with Barnes & Noble’s e-Reader software, though.

Now, this thing might not have what it takes to go head to head with the Nook Color, but with an asking price of $170 it could be a great bargain. It definitely seems to be a huge leap ahead of its predecessor. The original Pandigital reader wasn’t exactly spectacular, but if you were lucky you could (and probably still can) find it at ridiculously low prices. A few of the Gizmoninja staff members were actually able to pick some up for $20! If deals like that pop up for this one, that’s even more of a deal.

It’s yet to be seen how the developer community will rally around this one - but if the original is any indication, there should be quite a bit of support for this one. We shall see soon enough.

Source: BestBuy Via: Androidguys

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  • Erron Reed says:

    This is not an E-reader. It isn’t marketed as such. It’s a tablet!

  • Todd Tabern says:

    Isn’t marked as such where? Best Buy’s description reads “Pandigital – Nova Digital Reader – Black”… “Reader”

  • Erron Reed says:

    Oh, well the Best buy is stupid since it runs Vanilla Android. Besides, you know you want one for $20!