New GB Leak For Thunderbolt Appears To Not Be Rooted

| August 17, 2011 | 1 Reply

So I woke up this morning excited to see that the new GingerBread base for the Thunderbolt was leaked last night (Version 2.07.605.0). Sense or not, I’m always down for flashing the “latest and greatest”. So I was highly disappointed when I flashed it only to have all my root permissions denied. Far be it from me to complain about someone’s hard work to bring us the latest updates before the carriers do, but I was kind of miffed that I killed 37% of my battery here at work with no charger (between making a backup, flashing the ROM, rebooting, installing some root apps, and then subsequently having to  restore to CM7)  on a ROM that appears to not be rooted. I could have saved a lot of trouble if someone from the forums it was released on made a quick statement saying that an honest mistake was made, and to please hold off until we fix it. It only bothers me because I again had to register for yet another forum just to download. Call me ungrateful, but I think a quick tweet was in order… even though we flash all this at our own risk.

Once we see an update that root permissions were fixed on this latest leak for the thunderbolt we’ll keep you updated.

Did you flash the latest leak? Were you able to get root permissions working? Let us know how in the comments!


There is a kernel that you can download on the forums that you can flash if you have root issues. The link for the kernel is below the actual ROM DL links. Make sure you download this kernel as well when you download the leak!

Check out the Download links at MikMik Forums HERE !

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  • rmarinella says:

    The build seems fully functional, and faster than the previous release. The new quick settings from the statusbar drop down is nice.WiFi is working, although as before on my network, G only, no N. Netflix downloaded from the market and works, BUT will not play movies. No notification about DRM, but fails to play in the same manner as it did just after the last release. 4g functions fine, the phone also functions fine. Screen changes are a bit snappier. It is Android 2.3.4,with HTC Sense 2.1, the UI appears virtually the same as last release. The app drawer does have some refinement, it now “flips” pages every 16 apps, no more continuous scroll. There are now sections for “All apps”, “Frequent”, “Downloaded”, and “Verizon Wireless”.