Nintendo Offers Free Games to Make Up for Price Drop

| August 4, 2011 | Reply

I’m not really one for gaming, in fact, if you play against me, you win. I’m that easy. However, I’m sure lots of you ninjas are into gaming, and probably even bought one of the new Nintendo 3DS game units. If not for you, then maybe for a certain kid in your life. Rewind to that day when you paid $249 for your 3DS; now fast-forward to today when you hear Nintendo’s dropping the price to $169 in mid-August. Say what?! Sure, price drops are a part of early-adoption, but this was…fast. To address the grumbling, Nintendo has offered 20 free virtual console games to anyone who paid the original full price. Nintendo, of course, offered apologies and groveled a bit, but does want you all to know, early buyers are still “important” to the company. Read: That’s how we make our big money ;-)

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