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I’m not sure how to start this review; this type of game usually garners a feel of going to work, not one of leisure.

First, this is a facebook game.  Prior to now I’ve been opposed to playing them and adding to the constant clutter I find on my friends walls.  Do I want to give a lost sheep a home?  NO!  Do I want help water some plants?  Absolutely not!  Would I like to join a clan of vampires?  What!?  With this previously experience I sat down at my PC and started up a Facebook game that my friends claimed “no this one is different”.  I’ll be damned if they weren’t right.

Tabletop games as something new to me.  I’ve been a video game player most of my life, so the idea of rolling a die or actually using my hands to move a little man around a board did not seem appealing to me.  About a year ago I was introduced to a friendlier version of Dungeons and Dragons; 4th edition.  Why is this important you ask?  Because Heroes of Neverwinter absolutely captures the spirit of it’s tabletop cousin.  I say it captures the spirit and not the entirety of the game due to an obvious need to limit options and interactions.

There are 4 races and 4 classes to choose from.  For the beginner the game does give you preset characters that you can name and play just fine.  For those of us that want to try out hand at customization, we are given the option to mix and match race and class, also you are allowed to allocate your stat points yourself.  Still, this isn’t necessarily setting this Facebook game apart from others.  What came next did.

I was tossed into my level 1 human fighter and placed in a forest that has been given a grid similar to the table top.  I have abilities, experience and health;  all things I have grown used to as a video game player.  The screen gave me a pop up of flavor dialogue to set the mood and give me a reason to press on.  After my first tutorial mission I realized, I’m actually enjoying this.

That’s when it hit me, this feels less like a Facebook game and more like Diablo 2 lite meets Dungeons and Dragons rules.  It was a meshing of game play, light story telling and my Facebook friends that left me wanting to venture on.

For the sake of brevity I won’t go over all the features this small game as, instead I will give a list of some of my favorites:  Ability to create your own dungeons for friends, spectator mode for you to watch other people who use your character on their adventures, building a character you feel you own and lastly by allowing you to use your friend characters in your adventure you feel almost as if you are playing with them.

Features that keep you realizing this is a Facebook game:  Energy that needs to recharge, a type of currency you rarely get in game but can be bought with real money and of course the need to get your friends to play.

In closing, definitely take a look at Heroes of Neverwinter ( and  You may enjoy it as I have.  Also, if you are interested in taking a look at the more in depth tabletop versions feel free to check out the already established Dungeons and Dragons ( or even a newer system that I am currently very excited to see released The Legacy of Heroes (




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