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So this week I was able to finally sit down and try a game I bought about a month ago, but haven’t had time to really get into.  UFC Personal Trainer.

The reason it took me so try this out was I had torn a tendon in my ankle while jogging and was unable to stand for long periods of time.  Finally, I am excited to finally gotten use out of the Kinect and UFC Personal Trainer.

Starting this game up, the first thing it had me do was input some basic information about myself: Height, weight and age.  I did enjoy the disclaimer that “this information will only be stored on your console and not shared”.

After entering the information I was asked to do a fitness test.  This consisted of some basic exercises such as push ups and jumping jacks.  The Kinect would record every repetition I did in 1 minutes time.  Initially I was upset that it didn’t register half of the push ups I did and half of the sit ups.  I’m not sure if my form was off or if the sensor just didn’t pick them up.

Following the fitness test you are given a ranking; this is similar to a difficulty level in most games.  I was given beginner, which initially insulted me.  Here I am a gamer that never plays anything on easy, how dare this machine tell me differently!  After my first workout I found out the machine was right.

I initially tried some basic core and strength work outs earlier this week.  They were rough on me, however I kept coming back for me.  Why would someone who has actually swore at the computer generated coach MANY times come back and try more?  Simple, I was getting scored on my performance and getting achievements.  This made me realize that no matter how similar I felt this was to a P90x work out or a self imposed regiment, those didn’t award points.  That was the key.

So, today I started one of the 30 day work out plans to help build endurance.  Why I choose endurance over strength or weight loss in a moment.  On day one, this work out consisted of 19 separate repetition exercises with a small 6 second break in between.  After day one, I am exhausted.  Looking at the calender, I see that tomorrow and Saturday are both also scheduled work out day with Sunday being my first respite.

The work outs kicked my ass, but in a good way.  I feel the 30 minutes I spent today were better than if I had just sat on my couch playing another season of NCAA 2012.

Now, by now you’ve probably heard all of the testimonies on how great this game is and how positive the results are.  I have decided to put that to the test.  I started a 30 day endurance builder, because I am signed up to do the Hell Run ( on September 17th.  A follow up article will be written to give everyone an idea on how much UFC Personal Trainer actually helped.

In closing, I would recommend most gamers pick up UFC Personal Trainer.  Maybe if enough of us start working out regularly we can finally kick the current stereotype that we are all overweight and starting building a new one.

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