Shoot the Birds – Angry at Angry Birds? Try Shooting Them!

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Many of you out there might still love Angry Birds, but I’m seeing more and more people express that they’re tired of the game. Infinite Dreams (iDreams) has something for those that are tired of slinging birds at pigs – those that still enjoy Angry Birds might be interested as well.

Shoot the Birds is a new game from iDreams, Inc. with a pretty straightforward premise – Shoot as many birds as you can! You assume the role of a strange pumpkin-headed character equipped with a crossbow who stands at the bottom of your screen, aiming at the skies. All you have to do is aim and pull the trigger to start eliminating the many variety of birds that fly by. When you hit more than one bird in a row with a single shot your score gets a bonus multiplier. Should you be able to keep doing that shot after shot you’ll get an even higher multiplier each time.  You need to try to survive as many waves as you can to get a score high enough to get on to the leaderboard.

The iOS installment is available now view iTunes for $0.99 – DOWNLOAD

The Android version is expected to be released sometime later this month, and should be the same price.

Check out the trailer below, followed by another video of actual gameplay:




Developer Website: Infinite Dreams

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