The history of Mobile Productivity [Infographic]

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Our obsession with infographics continues. This time, it is brought about by mobile technology which is what we write the most about. Back in about 1995 I bought my first cell phone. It came with a  carrying bag, had a screw on antenna and had a single line readout for dialing a number. I remember taking it to a mall and people would stop and ask me if it really could make wireless calls. That was the start of my mobile obsession. In the past three years ive purchased five cell phone, five tablets, three laptops, three digital cameras, 6 portable hard drives and 10 flash based memory cards/sticks. I am a fan of the history of technology and where it will continue to take us. In this graphic you can see how the current cell phone tech came about and where phone got their roots. It’s a good read and how can you turn down an infographic or a story with Zach Morris?

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