Vic Gundotra, Head Of Google Shares A Story About How Anal Steve Jobs Is And Why He Was So Successful

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Steve jobs is a pretty interesting fellow if you ever read up on him. He went to India and came back a Buddhist, did a bunch of LSD and made money from a job at Atari while Woz did the work for him. He’s got an insatiable work habit and pays attention to every detail (insert antenna joke here) when a product is coming to public release. I wonder if it’s the drugs or the constant work that has led him to such poor health he had to leave his job at a young age.

Back in 2008 before the Iphone was out Jobs Called Vic to discuss “something urgent”. Mind you this was a Sunday morning and is noted as urgent. Vic was in religious services and ignored the call. Later he called jobs back and explained he was in religious service and was sorry he didn’t answer. Jobs replied ” Vic, unless the Caller ID said ‘GOD’, you should never pick up during services”. Then Jobs went on to explain the yellow color in the Google logo was off and it would be fixed right away. If Jobs was this nuts about the color of a logo from a company he wants to kill, how do you think he is with everything else? It’s pretty astonishing to think of a CEO spending that much time and attention on a  product. I wonder if the dual-CEO’s at Blackberry offices pay that much attention? I guess not since they haven’t figured out they have been selling the same phone for 12 years.

Via: Vic Gundotra

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