Your Android Phone Can Make Money For You

| August 5, 2011 | Reply

Tooyoou is an app that allows your phone to get you paid. Pretty much all you do is install the app, activate your user ID, and place a widget with an ad on your phone. That is quite simple, and you can make about $30 per year for the ad. It isn’t much money, but its free money! I am not sure how long this service will last (think:netzero) but for now you might want to jump on board. If some companies see some decent returns for their investment in the ads it will become popular. If not, well it won’t last long at all. I tried the app out myself and it doesn’t appear to be working correct yet. I placed the widget on a screen, got an ad and clicked on the ad. All it did was take me to the market page for TooYoou instead of the app that is advertised. Not sure if that is right or not because I just installed it but i will update later if I make more than $.01 that is says I have right now.

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