7″ Moto Tablet

| September 20, 2011 | Reply

Lets begin this one with a couple of questions. Why are all of the “high end” tablets 9.7+ inches? And why are pre-announced devices pictures always blurry?

Blurry image of potential 7 inch Motorola Tablet

We’ve heard before that Motorola was working on a 7 inch tablet, even before the XOOM was released. Well, now it may be coming to fruition. Looking at the form of its rounded, but not rounded edges reminds me of the Nokia N8.
The 7 inch mark is really a sweet spot in my opinion, not to big to hold in one hand (TWSS) and not too small to view full webpages and get a full experience of gaming. It wouldn’t surprise me if this tablet came out at the debut of Ice Cream Sandwich and the “Nexus Prime,” because I’m sure that Google wants to show the interoperability and functionality of tablets and smartphones on the next version of Android. And since Sanjay Jha has already stated that he wants to be first again, I definitely think that the next tablet they put out will be their Ice Cream Sandwich device.

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