A Mysterious New Wireless Carrier Shows Up Online And In Commercials [video] Update: It’s Cellular South

| September 22, 2011 | 4 Replies

A wireless network that will personalize your mobile experience – That is the main selling line of this new carrier. The issue right now is we don’t know who the provider is. Cox, Clear, Comcast? We will have the information soon as the site has September 26 listed for release. That is about all the information getting out right now so stay tuned for details.

Source: PersonalizedWireless Via: Engadget


Looks like the company just couldn’t wait to get the word out. Cellular South is being renamed C Spire and will feature truly “umlimited” plans and will come at no additional cost to current customers. There were no mentions of what will really be personalized for what price or agreements with certain hardware manufacturers, but we may get some idea of that on Monday.

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  • Jimmy says:

    COX is the new wireless carrier I’ve known for 2 months CDMA and supposably cheap. FOR SURE

  • Jimmy says:

    Cox is the new wireless carrier cdma and supposedly cheap and they just got a bunch of sprint towers. FACT!

  • Todd Tabern says: