Amazon Announces New Kindles. The Kindle Touch, Touch 3g and Fire.

| September 28, 2011 | Reply

Amazon’s press event just wrapped up and the details about the new Kindles has become official. I am not sure anyone expected four new e-readers but they are here.

I guess I shouldn’t say new Kindles as the original has gone down in price to $79. That’s a great price if all you want is to read books.

The new kindle touch and touch 3g will be added to the lineup. The prices are $99 for the touch and $149 for the 3g. The touch kindles have an updated E-ink display that is said to last “extra long”. They nix the button format and will only use a touch interface for navigating menus and through books.These will ship November 21st.

Lastly is the Kindle Fire everyone has been talking about. It’s $199 and will begin to ship November 15th. What you get is a 7 inch IPS display with gorilla glass, a dual core processor (no quad core, sorry!) weighing in at just 14.6 ounces. The tablet does run Android but there is a massive overlay made by amazon and it doesn’t look like the Android OS will be accessible without some rooting. No word on battery life. There is also no camera on this tablet. It’s most likely running Android Gingerbread OS. There is no 3g version available so wifi will be your only connection available. At the low price it offers and the connectivity to Amazon Prime for free movie streaming, does this interest you at all?


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