Bricked Phones May Be A Thing Of The Past Soon [Video]

| September 7, 2011 | Reply

I have had plenty of Android phones. I have only “bricked” one of them and that was in the name of development. For the most part it is pretty hard to completely kill a  phone. If you only halfway follow directions and mess something up and get bootloops usually there is a way to get the device back up and running. But not always. So a couple of guys over on XDA have created Hummingbird, an unbricking utility that claims that it makes phones “unbrickable”. Sometimes slight hardware modification is needed in the form of a jump wire for those hard to fix issues. Sometimes just the software will do the trick. Currently the method only works on Samsung captivate phones but should be quickly expanding. This method as of now isn’t for the average root happy consumer if you need to solder wires but if you are stuck with a device that’s a paperweight, why not right? Check the video and link for info.

Via: PCworld

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