Disney Mobile Offers Two New Android 2.3 Handsets in Japan

| September 28, 2011 | Reply

I’m an admitted Disney fan, give plenty of my money to the Mouse every year, but here’s where I draw the line. (Actually, I draw it WAAAAY before this). Disney Mobile has announced the launch of two Android-powered handsets in Japan, to be available some time in October, the DM011SH and DM010SH. The DM010SH will offer a 4-inch, 960×540 qHD touchscreen, have 3D capability, an 8 MP camera, and a 1GHz processor. So…it’s not just some cheap, plastic toy.  The DM011SH version offers slide capability, a 3.4-inch touchscreen with 854 X 480 resolution, is waterproof, and matches the higher end version’s processor and camera.

Both phones will run Android 2.3 and come stamped with the Mickey icon. They’ll be availble in pink and white, but the DM010SH also comes in black (let’s not get TOO crazy here). Don’t have any word on price yet, but look for the 010 version next month, and the 011 version some time in December.

Source: engadget

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