DROID Bionic Scavenger Hunt – You Don’t Have to Leave Your Computer

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UPDATE: People are apparently having trouble finding the link for this. See below:

1. Go to DroidDoes.com and let the site load up

2. Click “01 – DOWNLOAD APP” at the top left of the middle window (image below)

3. When the app download window appears, click “DON’T HAVE A SUPPORTED DEVICE?” at the bottom. It will open up a new window that will get you started with the Streetview hunting.

*Or you can just skip the above steps and hit up THIS LINK

(Pro-tip: Enter an address that’s in a location near you, but out in the country.. where there aren’t many roads. It makes grabbing the items SO much easier… Thanks, Gskellig!)


We posted yesterday about the upcoming Droid Bionic scavenger hunt, which asks you to utilize the “ARena” app to grab prizes for chances to win. One of my first thoughts was “what about those who don’t already have an Android device?” – Well, here’s the answer.

They have included a work-around for non-Andorid-wielding participants, by way of Google Maps. They state:

“To enter for free and/or for non-Android device owners, to enter visit droiddoes.com/bionic(“Sweepstakes Site”) and click the link entitled “Don’t have an Android device.” Input your location within the Google Maps interface from your personal computer. You will then use Street View Navigation to find/collect up to 4 virtual devices/prizes during each 30-minute game based on location entered, each of which will earn you one Sweepstakes entry for the corresponding device/prize.”

So basically you can accomplish the same thing with Google Streetview as you would running around using the Droid Bionic ARena app. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a much better plan to me – Though I’m sure there are some out there who simply HAVE TO use the app just to say they did.

What about you? Will you actually use the AR app, or will the Google Maps method fit your schedule much better?

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  • o_O says:

    would be nice if there was actuallu a link on the site for non android users, but there isn’t

  • Todd Tabern says:

    Sorry “o_O”, the link wasn’t available at the time I wrote this. It isn’t too difficult to find though… I updated above with instructions on how to find the link.