Gingerbread Not So Sweet For LG Optimus S?

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As many of you are aware, Sprint recently started pushing out Gingerbread 2.3.3 to its LG Optimus S phones, bringing it to version LS670ZVH.   However, many users are reporting some post-update bugs and issues with the new software.  Specifically, users seem to be complaining of the SD card unmounting itself from the phone periodically, or the phone reading it as damaged, both indicated by a symbol in the notification bar.  Strangely, this is something that plagued the Optimus S from the beginnig, until it was fixed in a later software update.  So to see an old problem return in a newer version is somewhat disheartening.

Another major complaint about the update is that the Gingerbread keyboard will not do text prediction while typing, even if the user has the option turned on in settings.  Unlike the SD error, which seems to be sporadic, the absence of text prediction does seem to be present in every Optimus that receives the new version.  

The final problem plaguing would-be Gingerbread users is that they may experience issues charging the phone after installing the update. Whether it’s an AC charger or USB cable via a computer, some phones seem to not be recognizing that a charger is plugged in, and therefore will not charge the battery. Some users have solved the issue by requesting a new battery and charger from Sprint, but the majority of customers have not been able to find a resolution to the issue. Internally, Sprint is aware of all 3 issues and is in communication with LG to develop a fix to be sent out in a future maintenance release.

For the meantime, I would recommend to anyone that has not gotten the update notification yet – don’t install it, unless you really don’t mind putting up with the bugs. For anyone who has already updated and is experiencing either of these issues, you might want to try your luck at getting a replacement at their local Sprint store. Since the update only recently started pushing out, there is a good chance that most, if not all, of the replacement phones that they have in stock will not have been upgraded to the newer version.

No matter which boat you’re in, the software update can be rejected simply by choosing “Install Later” on the dialog box.  The phone will continue to notify you of the update, but for most, it will be a far less annoying process to reject the update than to deal with the bugs that it contains.  Make sure you stay tuned to GN – we’ll let everyone know as soon as LG has a patch ready that will fix these errors.

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