Google Wallet Goes Live To Nobodys Surprise [video]

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Sometimes when combing through the thousands of tech sites and news feeds I see every day, I see stories I don’t bother writing because it’s news you already know. I have even considered ending my day with a “news you know” segment with links and no descriptions to stories that have been reported ad nauseam. This is one of those, but I wanted to write about it anyway.

I had a Chase bank debit rewards card. My bank account info has been stolen twice so I was getting my third time. This time my card didn’t come with tap to pay built in. This tap to pay is also known as NFC. All you do is tap a small sensor on a credit card terminal and it takes payment for anything rather than needing to slide the card. Google wallet does just that, but with your phone. all you do to pay is tap your phone to a payment terminal and it will link to a cred/debit card of your choice and charge the account. Google wallet has gone live today but only for one phone, the Nexus S 4g. Also, prepaid or Citi Mastercard only as of now. You can get more info on how it works int he video or link below, and you can expect it to be the must have tech for phones this holiday season, like front facing cameras were this past year(and ppl rarely use). You do have the option to use a prepaid card with wallet which I would highly suggest seeing how my two cards with NFC were somehow taken and charged $1200 at Dolce Gabbana in Italy not too long ago.

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