Motorola Working On A Droid Razr? [rumor]

| September 14, 2011 | Reply

Take this with about 10 pounds of salt. We usually don’t pay attention much to rumors here because once you start to, you seemingly write every day about the same device and what or when it is or isnt. Remember reading 100 too many posts about the Bionic and Thunderbolt? Yea, we do too.

This is supposed to be a leaked image taken with a Droid Razr phone. That is the only info that exists. No specs or anything. Could it be possible? Sure. Will it be as thin as the original Razr? Not if it wants LTE. Maybe it will even be a basic phone and not a major hardware spec phone. I would think if Moto made a Droid Razr, it would have to be the best phone out by a big lead. And right now that is the Gal 2s. I had a friend once who told me “I will have a razr forever I love them”. I replied “Motorola sucks and I will never own another”. We were both wrong. I had a Droid and Droid X. They have a….Thunderbolt I think.The Motorola slimline is a phone that has been bouncing around a bit and maybe that is supposed to be it? Hell, i don’t know. Rumors are kind of silly.

Via: Pocketnow

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