OK, Maybe Samsung Does Copy Apple Just A Bit. Samsung Also Tries To End Patent Dispute In Austrailia So They Can Sell Tablets

| September 30, 2011 | Reply

First, why would Apple logos be in a Samsung store? I am not sure that’s an actual photograph. Either way, It appears Samsung does copy Apple on some things. But are any of those things going to hurt Apple’s sales? I highly doubt it. So why don’t you two hug it out and stop this bickering and get back to making great products?

On another news note, Samsung is reportedly in talks with Apple to work something out to end the patent suit in Australia so they can start to sell the Galaxy tab in the land down under. If it works out, the Galaxy tab could go on sale as early as next week. It seems Samsung and Apple are finally starting to calm down about lawsuits and might want to work it out on their own.

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