Review: Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 and Torch 9810

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Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 and Blackberry Torch 9810

Left: Bold 9930 Right Torch 9810

So we all know that RIM has been having some trouble lately making any phones that people want. When you compare an iPhone or a HTC Evo to a 9800 Torch it makes it hard to argue for the Blackberry, but the new phones from RIM may cause people to take another look. I have only seen two of the three new high end models, but I can say without a doubt that the Bold 9900/9930 is a beautiful piece of electronics. The keyboard is as close to perfect as anyone has created for a phone to date (Blackberry has at least 4 of the top 5 BTW). What makes it so good? Well it’s how it feels and responds. You don’t worry about if you’ve hit the key or not because your fingers and ears tell you. For a lot of people out there, typing on a touch screen is not natural and those people should look to 9900 series or the 9810 Torch.

The 9900 is pretty sweet for reasons other than the keyboard as well. The screen is what you want in a smaller screen. It is high resolution and touch sensitive. And anyone who has had an older Bold knows that when you hand your phone to someone they always try to touch the screen to select. It obviously never worked, but now it will. It is intuitive and very well done. Another bonus of the Bold is the battery life. I can’t promise anything, but I will tell you this: I have had the phone sitting on my desk with Google Maps running for two days and it still has 75 percent of its battery. This is the phone for the person who wants a thin lightweight phone that they can type a lot on.

The Torch is the best of all worlds. It offers a large touch sensitive screen that shows web sites the way they are suppose to look plus it has the second best keyboard that slides out the bottom of the phone. The problem with the first generation (which I have used since it came out) was the laggy processor. You unlock the phone and have to wait for it to come alive. The new one is what the first generation should have been. With a 1.2 GHz processor and 768 MB’s of RAM it’s fast and snappy the way you expect it to be. The screen is brighter and higher resolution than the previous model and in general I like the design. I thought I would want to swap the battery cover for the older one, but I actually like the silver back on the new one.

What it all boils down to is that Blackberry is back in the game. Their phones are going in the right direction, and people who wrote them off should take another look. The beauty of the Blackberry is in my opinion the same as the iPhone: RIM controls the hardware and the software just like Apple does which puts the companies in a better position to make their phones work well together. The question is do the people still care and can RIM keep it up? Only time will tell.

Blackberry Bold 9930 and Torch 9810

Left: Bold 9930 Right: Torch 9810

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