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Welcome back fellow Gizmo Ninjas,

I apologize for my brief hiatus, but my day job and training for the Columbus, OH Hell Run kept me fairly busy these last few weeks, however I am back now to review a game I have been very excited about:  Gears of War 3.

I feel for this review I will have to do it in 2 parts: Campaign and Versus since the experiences are different:

For those of you who have followed the GoW franchise, you will be very pleased with the story line and game play of the single player.   With GoW3 you are given the option to allow your friends (Or strangers) to drop in and out of your game taking the role of one of your squad mates.  With the 4 player co-op I found this to add an interesting twist on some of the scenarios, not to say the AI is bad for your battle brothers.

The AI is actually quite good most of the time.  My only 2 complaints are the apparent “I called it” way your AI companions decide who is going to help you up, should be knocked down and the occasional checkpoint issue, where you are left to finish a fight alone, while your squad takes up arms against the next set of baddies.

The story element is excellent, without providing any spoilers I will say this definitely puts an ending on the current struggles of the planet Sera.


In two words I will tell you why GoW3′s Versus mode far exceeds GoW2.  Dedicated Servers!

Now I’m not a great GoW player, at my best I’m probably only slightly above average, but let me tell you that dedicated servers make a world of difference.  No longer will an exception player be a god because they are the host and a sub-par player be a headshooting fool.  This helps level the playing field a bit, not to say there aren’t very good players still out there cleaning up on noobs such as myself.

The Versus is really where I enjoy the game the most.  At first I was frustrated relearning which guns I like and I still need to re-calibrate the analog stick sensitivity, but I’m starting to laugh more and get a few lucky kills.

In closing, if you like the GoW franchise or you are looking for a good third person shooter to play, DEFINITELY pick this up.  I have enjoyed every minute so far and probably will be logging a lot time on Xbox live.



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  • Adam Doll says:

    I wasn’t really all that impressed with gears of war three to be honest. I get bored quite fast with it. I know some people are to call me crazy for it but to meet just did not seem that fun.