Review: Madden NFL 12

| September 2, 2011 | Reply

Welcome back everyone for the review of the year!  I kid of course.  I’m not sure what I could say about Madden that hasn’t already been said.

Do I enjoy it?  Yes.  Did I buy it?  Yes.

Madden NFL 12 breaks down like this:  Do you like sports games?  Do you like Football?  If you answered yes to these questions, buy Madden 12.

Haters of the Madden series, or almost any sport title, is that this is the same game as last year with an updated roster.  But isn’t that what we as sports gamers want?  No one sips a bottle of expensive alcohol and talks about how Madden 1997 really is where the Madden series peaked.

How would you change Madden to give it some spice?  Add in a heart wrenching tragedy in which Madden has to venture out into the land of NFLia and slowly learn the value of friendship and not hitting quarterbacks too hard?

In the end, I am enjoying Madden 12 and if you are into sports games you will to.  However, I have to leave you with this question:  If whoever on the cover of Madden is cursed and the Browns are probably the most cursed team in football; Will Peyton Hillis be double cursed or will he have the best season ever?  Let that simmer for a bit.



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