[Rumor] Samsung Galaxy Skin – A phone With A Flexible Display To be Ready By Q2 2012?

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While scouring the thousands of news articles and blogs daily, I generally run into tons of rumors and speculation. The worst places are the iPhone and Android publications that seem to make a living on rumors and speculation. Not that i have any, but journalistic integrity is gone on the internet. While I was looking through some random blogs I saw a post about the Samsung flexible phone and considered it BS – but maybe not so much. So here is one of our rumor stories….

In talking with fellow writer, Todd Tabern, he seems to think he has seen blips about this phone for some time now. At CES 2011 Samsung did show off a flexible display, but not on a phone. Now it seems Samsung is set to release a phone within a year that will use this flexible display. The pics they show don’t show a particularly attractive phone, to me, but I like the innovation. The issue is, just as shown in this photo, you can’t make the rest of the hardware flexible. It’s also hard to build a scratch resistant flexible cover for the display. So will the phone just flex in one area like an old Palm flip case cover? There are no flexible batteries, chipsets, radios or motherboards used on any cell phones right now. So if a truly flexible phone were to show up like in one of the photos, it would be major innovation on a number of fronts. I’m calling most of this BS for now, but stay tuned as we will be at CES 2012 and may catch a glimpse of whats to come. Also fishy is the fact that there are already reported specs on the phone. A phone that comes out next May will not have set specs yet. We will likely have quad-core phones by then.

Source: ibtimes


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