Sprint Drive First App Aimed to Prevent Distracted Driving

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Even though I’m not there yet, I can already imagine the day my kid drives off on his own. No, actually I can’t. And it’s probably better that way. However, today Sprint announced a new application for their subscribers, aimed at making all of us a little safer on the roads. Dubbed “Sprint Drive First,” the application takes control of a phone once it’s detected to be moving faster than 10 mph. It will disable most phone functions, re-direct calls straight to voice mail, and even send automatic replies to text messages. Concerned about reaching your child in case of emergency? Parents can designate up to five numbers that will ring through a locked phone.

How does the phone locking happen? Once it’s detected the phone is traveling faster than 10 mph, most functionality of the phone will cease to work. That includes current phonecalls – which will be disconnected mid-conversation. Drivers can choose to exit the application from the home screen, or use an emergency 911 button that overrides the application. Parents/account-holders can even opt to receive notifications when the service is overridden. Available now for all Sprint Android phones for $2/month, the application will come pre-installed on all future Sprint Android devices.

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