The Imperial March Song As Played By Two Floppy Drives [video]

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There are times dev controller kits can be used to do some pretty groundbreaking things, then there is this. While it really is kind of silly, it’s still a thought out and programmed idea that worked out to bring back nostalgia and smiles out of most geeks. Enjoy

Here is a small explanation of how it’s made:

The sound created by movement of the head, which is moved in steps with sufficient frequency. Interface description can be found, for example HERE. Simply activate the station by providing a low-to DRVSB0 or 1 (depending on whether we have the tape from the cross and to which the plug is connected to the station) and choose the direction of head movement (low high on DIR) and the trailing edge of the head movement will cause STEP one step. ATMega microcontroller controls the whole.


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