The US Is Now 25th In The World For Internet Speed

| September 19, 2011 | Reply

Here in the USA we take pride in being the best. It doesn’t matter what it is, we have to be #1. Way back when GW Bush was president he abolished the acts that required competitive balance to the nations cable and internet providers. I am thinking Comcasts lobbyists may have had something to do with that. There is now a quickly sinking ship known as American Internet. All the time I see the president talk about technology and Industry being the way to bring the US back to glory and out of the massive debt we have found ourselves in. How can we convince anyone that we truly care about these things when we are behind many modernized countries in something that is essential – communication. Believe it or not in just 2006 we were #1 in Internet speed. The US averages just 3.0mbps while #1 is South Korea with 31.4mbps.

Source: Computerworld

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