Windows Phone Mango Release Within “A Week Or Two” For Current Phones

| September 21, 2011 | 1 Reply

Windows has finally spoke up about the much anticipated Mango release WP7.5 software. There are tons of improvements that should be part of what brings MS into being a major player in the smartphone sector. Right now the phones are mostly kind of blah, but that is going to change shortly. in the Windows Phone blog, Eric Hautala announced the update should start rolling out within a week or two. He then went on to warn people against using leaked copies of the software. He didn’t defend against it much only citing that the firmware has been tuned for your phone and apps. In other words, it’s just fine and the carriers need to force some bloatware on the phones. If you have a WP7 phone(very few of you do) then make sure to update your Zune software to ensure the update shows up when it should.

Source: Windows Phone Blog Via: Engadget

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