Yahoo Fires CEO Carol Bartz

| September 7, 2011 | 1 Reply

Reports started rolling in yesterday afternoon that Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz had been ousted. Yahoo has confirmed these reports and has hinted that the company is also looking to reorganize and go up for sale. Stocks of Yahoo are at about $13.50 which is where they were when she started a couple years ago. Carol was supposed to be a hard line boss with a knack for getting things done quickly and efficiently. The company has begun a search for a new CEO and should have one in due time.

I am not sure any CEO can save Yahoo. They need radical change. Yahoo is old and hard to use. I hate using yahoo for anything. The fact i used yahoo to make my flickr account alone makes my blood boil. The search engine stinks. The homepage is cluttered and the email is dated. With a board of directors and tons of stockholders a CEO can only do so much to turn a company around. Without new fresh ideals and product services Yahoo is toast. Compare Yahoo to Google. Google constantly introduces new technology and pushes for advertising. We get mail and email all the time for this site for Google Adwords and such. Gmail is always getting new features and keeping up do date on what consumers want. Google went so far to create an entire mobile operating system to add to it’s search engine base. What has Yahoo done the past three years? Yahoo is sort of like Blackberry, but worse. They are both showing age and an inability to keep in mind how fast consumers want new and fresh items.

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  • KraYzeE says:

    The company has begun a search for a new CEO and should have one in due time. <– they should search on Google ;)