Android’s Market Share Widens Over Apple, Will Shrink Soon Right?

| October 6, 2011 | Reply

Comscore is one of the companies that is pretty good at research and putting out numbers for that research. For a while now they have tracked the market share of mobile OS devices. This quarter sees growth that has been pretty typical of the past few quarters. Apple has a small gain, Android has a large gain. They are both taking from RIM mostly. With the iPhone 4S on tap for release soon, Apple is sure to get a bump in phone sales. Or will they? I am wondering if most of the people who will get the I4S will be previous iPhone owners. Therefore, market share wouldn’t increase. The average consumer might see the I4S as the same as the old I4, just with a better camera. They aren’t wrong, but is that enough to sway them from their Android handset? Even further, the iPhone launching on Sprint will of course increase the market share of Apple some, is that why they picked now to finally pair up with Sprint, knowing the phone wouldn’t be that well accepted? The next Comscore updates should be interesting when we find how the mobile phone wars are going for Apple, WP7 against Android.

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