Apple Announces The Iphone 4S, Now With Sprint

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Much to no surprise, Apple announced a new iPhone. Let’s get the bad out-of-the-way right now. It’s Just an iPhone 4 with updated processor, graphics and camera. It is still a 3.5 inch device shaped like the 1.5 year old design they hit us with for iPhone 4. The screen is still the same as well as the dual glass design. There’s also no 4g connectivity. So let’s get on to the parts that have improved

The new iPhone 4S comes with the A5 processor found int he iPad2. It is a dual core processor that offers twice the speed and a graphics increase up to 7x more powerful. The antenna has been updated that is supposed to intelligently switch between sets so you will not have any of that dropped call syndrome with the new phone. Probably the best new part of the hardware is the camera. The lens is now a 5 element assembly with a hybrid IR filter that will offer apertures down to f2.4. The resolution has been bumped up to 8mp with a backside illuminates CMOS sensor. The camera will now offer 1080 video recording with image stabilization as well. Apple is reporting the camera only takes 1.1 seconds to before being ready to take the first photo and just 1/2 second between shots. That blows away most Android phones on the market.

Battery life is improved on the new phone as well. Apple is claiming 8 hours of straight talk time over 3g and 10 hours of talk time over 2g. If you are browsing the web, you can expect 6 hours of non-LTE browsing  speed over your wireless network of choice. If you are on wi-fi the phone will get 10 hours of browsing or video time, and 40 hours of music listening time.

One of the most highly touted things at the keynote was the new voice search feature named “siri” It does like very neat and way more intuitive than the Android voice search, it’s not something that most people will use often. How does it work? There is a microphone icon on the keyboard you press to activate it. Sound familiar?

How much will all of these new specs cost you? $199 for a 16Gig, $299 for a 32gig and a newly offered 64gig at $399. The phone is going to be available on Sprint as well marking the first time an iPhone will make its way to black and yellow. Surprisingly, the Sprint website isn’t plastered with iPhone ads yet. But it will be soon, don’t you worry. The phone will be available for pre-order this Friday and will ship on October 14th. The new phone will also be available in black or white at launch. So just 10 days if you’ve been patiently waiting the newest version of Apples phone. The good news is I didn’t have to add to our server with another phone image, as the outside isn’t any different. The bad news is, most of us were hoping for a larger screen and more of a “wow” factor.

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