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We all have times when we are in search of the best app for a certain task - best calendar app,  best app for sports scores, best cooking recipe app, what-be-it… There are so many apps out there across the multiple platforms that it’s hard to figure out which one(s) you should try. This is where Apps & Oranges, by UX designer Brian Morykon and developer Matt Patana, aims to help us all.

Apps & Oranges is a slick new app discovery service that helps you discover the best Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Web apps for any need you may have. Upon signing up for the service you are presented with a homepage that lists the hottest categories that people have been talking about recently, each displaying the icon/screenshot of the app with the most votes from that category.

You can sort the categories to view the most popular apps in the past week or month, the most recent apps added, and by lack of recommendations (questions that have not been answered yet). Know of a great app that is not yet listed on the site? You can add that app to the site and add your own comments, letting everyone know why you think it’s so great. You can also browse the existing apps and comment on them or ask for new recommendations.

The service also allows you to connect to Facebook and/or Twitter (though it doesn’t allow the auto-import of friends from the social networks) so that you may share your searches and recommendations on said social networks. Also included is the ability to follow your Facebook and Twitter friends and keep track of their Apps & Oranges activity.

Apps & Oranges isn’t the first app discovery service, but it goes about it in a slightly different way than the existing offerings like OSalt and iUseThis. The number of apps is pretty thin at the moment, but that’s to be expected for a service that is still young and in private beta. Early adopters will be doing a lot more recommending than discovering, but that will improve with each passing day.

The service definitely shows some promise. The site design is clean and well-polished, especially for a private beta. If it catches on it has the makings to become a great one-stop-destination for finding apps across multiple platforms. With the huge number of apps out there, it’s something that could really help with the headache of finding the app you’re looking for. You might have noticed that Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry apps weren’t mentioned with the available platforms. We’re told that Windows Phone 7 app support will be available eventually, but it’s not looking too good for Blackberry fans. There apparently hasn’t been enough interest from the Blackberry community for the platform to be included.

Interested in joining the private beta fun? Well, you’re in luck because we have 100 invites to give away! Stay tuned for how to get yourself an invite to join in on the fun.

UPDATE: Okay so we have 100 invites to give away, first come first serve! Hit up the link below for your invite.

I want an Apps & Oranges Invite!

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