ASUS Teaser Video Shows Off Transformer 2 Tablet, Dock [video]

| October 19, 2011 | Reply

Asus hasn’t been to quiet about its upcoming quad-core Transformer 2 tablet. They have mentioned a $499 price point and feel comfortable with it. I don’t see how, considering Android tablets are getting their asses handed to them by Apple and Windows 8 tablets aren’t too far off. My thinking is this: The transformer did really well because it was the first real powerful honeycomb tablet that was widely available. So ASUS thinks that had something to do with them, and believes sales of the new tablet will be better than the old. I am not so sure. Now you have the Galtab 10.1, iOS5 on ipad2, Kindle Fire and a slew of other high quality devices on the market.

The screencap seen above shows a very thin device, even with the keyboard. It looks pretty impressive and if it’s the first quad-core tablet it will surely be something worth taking a look at. No word on if it will run Honeycomb or ICS yet, lets hope for the latter. No release date yet either, but should make it in time for the holiday season.

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