AT&T Toggle Helps Your Phone do Double-Duty

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This is pretty timely for me. I actually took part in a conversation about this last week in my office. New guy starts, gets issued standard Verizon Blackberry. Hates said Blackberry, and owns an Android device (don’t hate me, I can’t remember what). “Isn’t there some way I can use my *insert Android here* instead of this piece of junk?” Enter AT&T Toggle…

AT&T Toggle allows a user to switch (or “toggle”) back and forth between their personal device and their work-approved device. For those of you like me, who work in big company corporate America, your IT Admins will control the work side, owning such duties as updating apps, remote wipes, and controlling company access, while having no affect on your personal device. From androidcentral, features include:

  • Personal mode: When not working, send text messages to friends, watch TV shows and movies, and play games on your mobile device as you otherwise would. Personal activities remain segregated.
  • Work mode: If it’s time to buckle down and focus on business, employees can enter their work environment. In this mode, users can access corporate email, applications, calendars and more, just as they would on a company-provided device.

Operational on Android devices running 2.2 or higher, I think this is a great option for those of us attached to our personal devices, but not lucky enough to be able to use them for our day-to-day jobs.

Source: androidcentral

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