Canon Announces The 1D X, With Impressive Specs And Pricing

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I know a ton of Amateur photographers. It seems the cool thing to do anymore is go get an DSLR, walk around indoors with a silly lens hood and 300mm lens they don’t need. People spend a lot of money on cameras and sometimes never learn all of the things they can do. They just stick with Auto or a Scene mode. Then they seem to thing taking a photo of themselves in a mirror while holding the DSLR is somehow attractive. We all know you are trying to show off your $1000 auto mode heavy point and shoot. Enough satire…

Canon has impressed me the past few years. For a while I wasn’t a fan of their chip sets for processing some types of photos. The Digic 4 and 5 took care of most of those concerns and I am now a proud canon SLR user. Yesterday, Canon dropped the new 1D for us to oggle over. At 18 mega pixels in a full frame sensor, it’s got a bit more than the Mk IV but fewer than Canon’s other full-frame cameras. Canon says the new sensor that is says produces less noise than ever, and uses larger pixel wells than the Mk IV or 5D Mk II. These go through a set of three DIGIC 5+ image processors, which I assume is a small upgrade to the existing 5 series. It can fire 14 frames per second in JPEG mode or 12 when you’re writing RAWs. The ISO is capable of going from 100 to 204,800. The autofocus system has been upgraded to a 61 point AF. It has been slightly redesigned and can sport a couple of accessories such as a GPS and Wireless connector. The camera comes standard with a LAN connector(what?!). The cameras video ability has been upgraded with things like adjustable on the fly volume and up to 30 minutes of continuous video recording.

The camera rings in at $6800. I think the camera would be a good choice for a professional int he sports or nature world, or a low budget filmmaker. For most of us novices who don’t get paid a healthy amount for just photos, it’s probably a bit too much. I can only think of two people I know that would consider buying this, and neither need it. If you have a 1D mkIII or mkIV, this is a very nice upgrade. Full press release linked.

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