Google TV Announces Major Honeycomb Update Starting On Sunday [video]

| October 28, 2011 | Reply

Sunday Sunday Sunday! Well, for Sony anyway. Google has finally opened up about all of the changes in the promised Honeycomb update for Google TV. To sum it up, it looks pretty nice! If you saw videos or even installed the leaked beta then you might be surprised as well. Google took the UI and navigation experience seriously this time, and it shows. They have simplified the menus, added a cross-platform search for Netflix,YouTube,Amazon and live tv. The system will even recommend movies by the same actor or same genre and let you cue them up for a quick marathon set up. Of course, the android market is added which will be a huge boost. Let’s hope the amazon app store will be supported as well. If not, I am sure rooting the device won’t be far off, as Google really doesn’t seem to care about locking devices down. This is starting to look like it is worth the $99 for the Logitech revue.

Source: Google TV Blog

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