Google+ Up To 40 Million Users And 3.4 Billion Photos, Still A Failure?

| October 14, 2011 | Reply

I use Google+ a little. More than Facebook but not as often as most people usually use social networking. In fact, if you were to look up my Facebook you would find no photos, no tags and my wall littered with a comment like “are you alive?” once in a while. For me, I don’t understand the need to share that much with people. I have recently taken to looking at tumblr, and I think that is a better avenue for things. You can share random thoughts or images without needing to have a public conversation that nobody cares to witness.

Google+ is racking up some nice user stats pretty quickly. It has only been out of a closed beta for a couple of weeks and has hit 40 million users. 3.4 billion photos have been uploaded, but I wonder about that number. Every time I take a photo with my Android device, instant upload shoots it over to my picasa and +. So those numbers of photos may be a bit hasty as opposed to actual images shared on +. Either way, it’s doing a pretty good job in a short time. I don’t think it will ever take over Facebook as it was meant to be something different anyway. It seems most users I know just re post tech stories or jokes. More average social end users will go to + of course, but I don’t think even with 100 million users it will be as popular or widely used as the Facebook. I know of only one person who has ended their relationship with fb to stick with + alone. Most people will just use both, and that is OK.

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