How Much Faster Is Iphone 4s Than Iphone 4? Here’s A Video Demo [video]

| October 14, 2011 | Reply

Feel like that year and a half old iPhone 4 is going to be an embarrassment around your friends with the I4s as they complete tasks and open apps and websites way faster than you? Not so fast. In the attached video you’ll see a real world test of just how much fast I4s is over I4. To me, it’s not much of a difference to warrant the upgrade and money. If you are really into taking cameras with your phone, or gaming(i guess) then the I4s is a big step up. If like most people phone pics are just for Facebook updates and pics with friends or of ballparks, then you may not need the speed increase. But if you are like me and feel the need to always have the newest regardless, then what are you waiting for? Go get your iPhone 4s.

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