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We’ll be updating this post as the Motorola press event unfolds. It’s pretty obvious that they will be unveiling the Motorla DROID RAZR, but what else might they have up their sleeve? Xoom 2? Something else? Stay tuned for the latest updates! Live blog begins at 12 pm EST (post should auto-refresh every 15 seconds). You can also watch the live stream of the event HERE.

02:54 PM EDT

Thanks for joining us! Stay tuned for a rundown post with all the details from today’s event!

02:53 PM EDT

Interesting that they said the RAZR release is “In November”, with no specific date given…

02:53 PM EDT

And that’s it! MotoACTV &┬áDROID RAZR. No Xoom 2, as some thought they’d announce

02:52 PM EDT

DROID RAZR name on Verizon, Motorola RAZR on other carries

02:51 PM EDT

Jha receiving phone call on his phone, showing that the call is showing up on ACTV device

02:50 PM EDT

RAZR comes with MotoACTV app taht lets you sync your MotoACTV activities between your phone and MotoACTV device

02:49 PM EDT

Preorders: Oct 27th.

In stores “in November”… (hmm)

9 with contract

02:48 PM EDT

Walden pumping up VZW’s 4G LTE network

02:45 PM EDT

Marni Walden on-stage talking DROID brand

02:44 PM EDT

Doing a lot of iPhone 4S internet speed comparisons.. =P

02:44 PM EDT

Will run on Verizon’s 4G LTE (of course)

02:43 PM EDT

Accessories: Docks, headsets, keyboards, etc (the usual)

02:43 PM EDT

Productivity capabilities: Corparate email, calendar, etc.. Moto promises the device is enterprise-ready. “Everything a business owner wants, and just what an employee needs”

02:40 PM EDT

Demonstrating taking a picture with the RAZR and having it automatically uploaded to a PC (a la Google+ app)

02:37 PM EDT

BTW, the RAZR is running Gingerbread

02:36 PM EDT

Jha is demonstrating the use of MotoCast on his RAZR. Playing some 50cent!!

02:35 PM EDT

MotoCast (formerly Zumocast) – Enables you to access all your content from your phone, via the cloud

02:33 PM EDT

Smart Actions allow up to 30% more battery life

02:33 PM EDT

“Smart Actions” software takes care of the things you don’t always remember to do and automates tasks. Turn off bluetooth automatically, dim display, reduce processor display, etc. User customizable

02:32 PM EDT

It’s webtop capable, of course

02:31 PM EDT

1800 mah battery, 12.5hrs 3G talk time, 8.9hrs video playback

02:30 PM EDT

First phone to have Motorola’s “Splash guard”.. protecting it from water

02:30 PM EDT

Laser cut kevlar fiber gives it “incredible strength” without adding weight

02:29 PM EDT

“First device that can download HD movies from Netflix”

02:29 PM EDT

Super AMOLED qHD display

02:28 PM EDT

7.1mm thin! World’s thinnest smartphone

02:28 PM EDT

Stainless Steel core, Kevlar materials, Gorilla class. dual core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB Ram, 4.3″ qHD display, 1080P recording

02:27 PM EDT

RAZR video now playing

02:27 PM EDT

DROID RAZR – “The best smartphone on the planet” – “Thinner. Stronger. Faster. Smarter”


02:26 PM EDT

DROID RAZR announcement upcoming

02:25 PM EDT

Moto ACTV abailable Nov 6th. Available in 8GB and 16GB models

02:22 PM EDT

Now Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper on-stage, talking about the weight-loss aspects of Moto ACTV

02:19 PM EDT

Runner, Dean Karnazes on-stage talking about Moto ACTV

02:17 PM EDT

Motoactv.com captures workout data, transimitted wirelessly. Review workout plans, goals, upload to Facebook/Twitter, etc

02:16 PM EDT

Capacitive touch display, ambient light sensor, stores up to 4000 songs, FM receiver

02:16 PM EDT

Ear-based heart rate monitor via the SF700 wireless headset

02:15 PM EDT

GPS equipped. Smart playlist feature learns what songs motivate you.

02:14 PM EDT

“Moto ACTV is like having a personal trainer and personal DJ by your side”

02:14 PM EDT

46mmx46mm, 35gram device, 600Mhz processor

02:13 PM EDT

We’ve seen images of this device before.. Small iPod Nano-esque device

02:13 PM EDT

Moto ACTV introduced, playing video of people working out while using a Moto ACTV device


02:10 PM EDT

Jah begins by talking about how smartphones are so popular and have “transformed our lives”

02:09 PM EDT

Sanjay Jha has taken the stage

02:09 PM EDT

Attendees were just told to silence all electronic devices because the program is about to begin. Here we go!


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