[Live Blog (Ended)] Samsung Galaxy Nexus & Android Ice Cream Sandwich Event. Live Stream Linked As Well

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We’ll be live blogging the details from the Samsung/Google announcement of the upcoming version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as the first device to ship with it in the Galaxy Nexus. The event kicks off at 10pm EST, so stay tuned here for all of the juicy details. (post should refresh automatically, every 15 seconds).

You can also watch the live stream of the event yourself HERE!


01:07 AM EDT

Thanks for hanging out with the live blog! Goodnight

01:06 AM EDT

That’s about it! On to the normal hands on time with demo devices and discussion in a press room.

01:05 AM EDT

That was the Preview of ICS. SDK is now available at developer.android.com

01:05 AM EDT

For apps, you can beam an open app to the other phone to bring that app up in the phone it was beamed to.

01:04 AM EDT

Beam is pretty neat. You can share maps, youtube videos, websites, people cards and more.

01:03 AM EDT

Android Beam will allow sharing by just touching phones together. Like bump, but built into ICS. Im guessing it uses NFC or Bluetooth

01:03 AM EDT

Swipe up to send text message instead of declining a call. “quick response”

01:01 AM EDT

Visual Voice Mail from Google Voice built into the phone API to show voicemails in missed call list

01:00 AM EDT

“Quick contact card” will allow cross app integration for communication to contacts

12:59 AM EDT

Contacts have merged contacts and can swipe to see updates, photos and anything the contact has done on various outlets of social networks

12:58 AM EDT

People app. Shows all contacts and a ME profile. Windows Phone Mango, or Android?

12:57 AM EDT

Showing demo of video capabilities

12:55 AM EDT

Panoramic mode built ICS. You just slide the camera across and the phone will do the stitching and matching on its own.

12:54 AM EDT

Magazine style layout. Much like windows 8.

12:54 AM EDT

Built in edits for photos as reported earlier on most sites

12:53 AM EDT

Slide lockscreen to the left for camera app when you need a quick photo. One click sharing. Facial recognition stock in ICS. Zero shutter lag, .5 seconds between shots.

12:52 AM EDT

On to talking about the camera app

12:51 AM EDT

Data can be auto cut off at whatever gb or mb youd like. You can view individual app usage in foreground and background data.

12:50 AM EDT

In settings you can view your data usage that will show current billing cycle usage, and projected usage

12:49 AM EDT

Updated Calender will pinch to zoom. Bout time

12:48 AM EDT

Chips, instead of contacts(it’s the same thing).

12:47 AM EDT

Navigating between messages with you guessed it, a swipe.

12:46 AM EDT

Gmail improvements to include two line previews, action bar for single click access to labels, search and compose.

12:45 AM EDT

Easy desktop mode with a click of a button. Bookmark syncing with your laptop/desktop in chrome

12:44 AM EDT

Browser tabs controlled by icon instead of menu button. Up to 16 tabs. Swipe to remove tabs. All this swiping is starting to remind me of webOS

12:42 AM EDT

Face unlock phone. Very nice!

12:42 AM EDT

Improved talk to type feature. Now instant.

Unfortunately, “hey man” was dictated as Map.

12:41 AM EDT

Finally a standard cut/copy/paste that looks easy to use

12:40 AM EDT

Swipe to remove individual notifications in pull down bar

12:39 AM EDT

Music control in the notification pull down bar.

12:39 AM EDT

Power and Vol down for screen shots. Built into Android.

12:38 AM EDT

Running app list uses a flick to close gesture. Also pretty nice

12:37 AM EDT

“Favorites tray” at the bottom. Kind of like ADW or Laucherpro. Only Native

12:37 AM EDT

Just drag icons for apps together and a folder is automatically made. Nice

12:37 AM EDT

Going over swiping, widgets and folders

12:33 AM EDT

New lockscreen with Roboto font. Think Honeycomb

12:32 AM EDT

This guy seems really nervous. His pauses are very un natural

12:29 AM EDT

November launch, no word on carrier for the US. With LTE will be Verizon. No date set yet though.


On to Ice Cream Sandwich

12:28 AM EDT

NFC, 5mp camera, Barometer. Pogo pin for a dock. All things have been speculated so far

12:27 AM EDT

Notification LED! Finally, thank you Samsung.

12:26 AM EDT

Curved back, contour display. 8.94mm thick. Feeling fat around Droid razr. Just a 4.29mm bezel, making it feel more like a 4.3 inch phone.

12:25 AM EDT

On to Design

12:23 AM EDT

4.65 inch Screen Super AMOLED HD 1280×720 Resolution

12:22 AM EDT

1.2 Ghz dual core, no surprises yet. On to the screen

12:21 AM EDT

Nexus will operate on HSPA+ and LTE

12:18 AM EDT

Time for the good stuff: Whats Inside

12:18 AM EDT

Video coming up “Galaxy Nexus” is official name.

12:14 AM EDT

“LTE, SuperAMOLED, Dual core best in class”

12:12 AM EDT

JK Shen, Head of mobile electronics of Samsung taking the stage now. Thanks us for waiting for the major product announcement.

12:11 AM EDT

Kim Titus has entered the stage

12:10 AM EDT

OK, The youtube has gone live and we are watching an animated video introduction

12:03 AM EDT

OK, We are set up and ready to relay all of the information you will want to know about Ice Cream Sandwich and The Galaxy Nexus


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