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We’re not at Apple’s media event, and aren’t going to pretend that we are, but we’ll be updating this post with the latest news as soon as we get it! (Unfortunately you’ll have to manually refresh this page.)

04:52 PM EDT

Thanks for following (or putting up with the many tweets)! Check out the full rundown here: http://bit.ly/nyyzV2 - And stay tuned for a more in-depth story on the #Apple iPhone 4S

04:50 PM EDT

And that’s it, folks.  No iPhone 5, as some were expecting.

04:49 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – Tim Cook: “The most amazing iPhone ever”

04:48 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – It’ll hit US, Canada, Australia, the UK, France, Germany, and Japan at same time – 22 more countries on the 28th and 70 more countries by year’s end. Over 100 carriers, “Fastest rollout ever”

04:46 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – Preorders starting this Friday, October 7th. Goes live on October 14th. On Verizon, AT&T and Sprint in the U.S. (sorry Tmobile)

04:45 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – Both black and white versions will be available: 16GB: 9, 32GB for 9, 64GB for 9 (All with contract). The 3GS and iPhone 4 will live on. The 4 is now for 8GB. The 8GB 3GS will be free on contract.

04:39 PM EDT

So the #Apple iPhone 4S doesn’t have a new design, but all new internals and new software features. http://bit.ly/nyyzV2

04:38 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – Siri voice recognition processing happens remotely, like Android, so data connection required. http://bit.ly/nyyzV2

04:36 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S = They ask Siri voice recognition “Who are you” and it replies “I am a humble personal assistant” o_O

04:31 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – Going through a lot of Siri demos. Stuff like setting alarm by saying “Wake me up tomorrow at 6 am”, receive a txt message while using bluetooth – press the BT button and say “Read my message” to read it, etc..

04:26 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – Siri voice recognition, “Your intelligent assistant taht helps you get things done just by asking”

04:25 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S - Voice recognition service called Siri. Understands you… “Will it rain in Cupertino” or “Do I need an umbrella today?” Both the same question, but different ways of asking.  http://bit.ly/nyyzV2

04:22 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – AirPlay allows you to play games on bigger screen, wirelessly or wired.

04:21 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S camera – 1080p HD video recording, Image stabilization with temporal noise reduction. “To many customers this will be the best still camera they’ve ever owned and the best video cameras they’ve ever owned.”

04:19 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S camera comparison: Bionic takes 3.7 seconds for the first picture, 2 for the Galaxy S II, Sensation 2.1. 4S, 1.1 seconds

04:18 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – New 8 megapixel camera sensor, 3264 x 2448. Back-illuminated CMOS. IR filter for more accurate colors. Five element lenses, 30% more sharpness, f/2.4 aperture

04:15 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – Both GSM and CDMA. http://bit.ly/nyyzV2

04:14 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – “Theoretical” downloads of 14.4Mbps vs. 7.2 of the iPhone 4. Phil Shiller compared the speeds to Atrix, Thrill, and Inspire 4G, saying “The iPhone 4S is just as fast as these phones.”

04:12 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – New wireless system will make call quality “even better”. Switches intelligently between the two antennas to transmit and receive

04:10 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – 8 hours talk time with 3G, 6 hours browsing, 9 on Wifi. 10 hours video, 40 hours of music. “Fantastic battery life”

04:09 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S – Infinity Blade II game demo apparently looks good and is “only going to run like this on the iPhone 4S”

04:06 PM EDT

#Apple iPhone 4S time – Retina display, dual-core A5 processor, “Up to 2x faster than before” with dual-core graphics. http://bit.ly/nyyzV2

04:04 PM EDT

#Apple iPod Touch – Now with iOS 5. iCloud support, of course.  8GB is now 9, 32GB for 9, 64GB for 9. Available on october 12th.

04:03 PM EDT

#Apple iPod Nano – 16 new clocks… 9 for 16GB and 9 for 8GB.

04:02 PM EDT

#Apple iPod talk now - iPod Nano - “Improved Fitness Experience”. No more need for Nike+ dongle, functionality will be built-in

03:58 PM EDT

#Apple iCloud ships on October 12th, iTunes Match goes live at end of month

03:58 PM EDT

#Apple iTunes Match – .99 a year

03:57 PM EDT

Talking iTunes Match now. “Adding the “same benefits” of iTunes purchased music to music you’ve bought elsewhere.”. Scans your library, adds all the stuff iTunes has to add, and uploads anything that isn’t in iTunes already.


03:56 PM EDT

#Apple iCloud – Free for iOS 5 and Lion users. 5GB free, can buy more

03:55 PM EDT

#Apple iCloud – Find My Friends. Quickly and easily see the locations of those who’ve opted to share their location with you, ala Google Latitude

03:54 PM EDT

#Apple iCloud – Daily backup, contacts across all devices, calendar events

03:52 PM EDT

Now Eddy Cue is on stage talking about iCloud. #Apple

03:51 PM EDT

#Apple iOS 5 – Drops on October 12th

03:50 PM EDT

#Apple iOS 5 – Mail updates. Adding rich text formatting

03:49 PM EDT

#Apple iOS 5 – Safari updates. Reader functionality that filters out junk and puts everything on a single, readable page. Sync between multiple iOS devices. Full tabbed browsing for iPad…

03:47 PM EDT

#Apple iOS 5 – Game Center. Updated to add photos of friends, achievement points, friend recommendations

03:45 PM EDT

iOS 5 – Updated camera app.  “We’re making it really easy to get to the camera and take a photo.” Double-tap on the home button to take a pic, can also use volume up rocker.

03:42 PM EDT

iOS 5 – Newsstand. Publication reading app with the likes of GQ, Allure, Vanity Fair, and The New York Times on board

03:41 PM EDT

iOS 5 – Twitter deeply integrated, no more signing in multiple times

03:40 PM EDT

iOS 5 – Reminders app. Location aware reminders that remind you when you’re near what you need to do

03:39 PM EDT

iOS 5 – iMessage, basically BBM for iOS

03:38 PM EDT

iOS 5 – New notification bar, visible from the top by swiping down, ala Android

03:37 PM EDT

Talking iOS 5 and its top 10 features now.

03:36 PM EDT

.99 for cards in the US, .99 everywhere else in the world…

03:36 PM EDT

Scott Forstall is now on stage talking about the Cards app. Lets you create your own greeting cards, which Apple will print and mail for you.

03:29 PM EDT

Since i KNOW some of you who aren’t following a live blog are wondering.. No, Tim Cook isn’t wearing a black turtleneck and bluejeans.. =P

03:17 PM EDT

We’ll shut up now and update once he starts talking about the actual device/OS

03:14 PM EDT

Like Steve Jobs always did, Cook is taking the beginning moments to talk about Apple’s success. – “Apple has enormous momentum, and nowhere is that more evident than in our retail stores.”, The Shanghai store is “absolute gorgeous,” – etc…

03:11 PM EDT

Tim Cook is on-stage, getting the party started

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