Lytro Unviels Light Field Camera With Price, Details

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If you recall, we reported a while back about Lytro wanting to revolutionize digital imaging.  They took a huge step forward today announcing and showing off the light field cameras they have been working on for years. When i first read about them, I wanted one. I still want one. I was thinking it would be in the $1000-$2000 range and be large and bulky. I was wrong on both accounts. The camera is quite small, fitting in one hand. It only has two buttons, one for power one for shutter. There is a slider for zoom as well. When you connect the camera to a PC it loads its own software for editing and finishing. The price is $399-$499 for an 8gb and 16gb version.

What the Lytro does is allow you to take a photo with adjustable focus on the fly. It will allow photos to become more interactive and easier to capture the right photo you were looking for. It does this by using hundreds of pieces of glass to let in 11 million rays of light. That’s not 11megapixels, its much different. The camera has an 8x optical zoom with an f2.0 aperture.

What i don’t like is how tiny the preview screen is. I know the focus area wont matter, but still. You can tell this is a first run product and that the years ahead will offer better options. If you want to be a groundbraker with one of these, they will ship early 2012 and you can preorder now.

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