Madden 12 Free To Verizon Customers This Weekend

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If you want to try out Madden for mobile, now is your chance. The app is normally $7 which may turn you off from checking it out, but for a few days it will be free. October 1st through 3rd you can head to the market and grab your very own copy with no strings attached. I will be giving it a go myself tomorrow as I have thought $7 is too much for a mobile game.

UPDATE: Well, the “market” and “no strings attached” part above didn’t turn out to be so true… The offer entails calling a number, receiving a text, downloading Verizon’s own VCast Apps market (not the standard Android Market) and downloading from there. Very clever way for Verizon to get their own app store onto a ton of phones, huh? You have until 11:59 on Monday, Oct. 3rd to take them up on the offer – check out the details on how to get it below:

  • Dial **MADDEN (**623336) on your Android device
  • Once the call is complete you will receive an SMS message with a link that takes you to a website that looks like below:

  • You must first hit the “Download V CAST” icon to download and install VZW’s app store
  • After V CAST is installed you then hit the “Free Game” icon to download your free copy of Madden 12 via V CAST
  • Once the game is installed and run for the first time, you’ll be prompted to download nearly 300MB worth of game data

So there you go, if you want Madden for free and don’t mind having Verizon’s V CAST installed, have at it!

Via: Phandroid

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