Questions About Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich: When Will Ice cream Sandwich Source Code be Released? When Will The Galaxy Nexus Verizon Release Happen?

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The buzz around the tech town is Android 4.0 and The Galaxy Nexus this morning. But with the press conference we were left with some questions. A few have been answered and some maybe not as easy to find answers as we would like, so let’s tackle a couple.

Source Code for ICS?

Google kind of pissed a lot of people off never releasing the full source code for Honeycomb. They did this because they didn’t want people trying to port NC to a phone and ruin the experience. So naturally people are wondering about Ice Cream Sandwich. The good news is Andy Rubin addressed this very recently stating that “Source code will be released when a phone after the Galaxy Nexus has the OS” in reference to ICS. So This tells us a couple of things. First is that this will indeed start off as a Verizon exclusive phone, and secondly that it won’t be long before source code is released. You see, they have already promised the ICS treatment for older nexus devices. Rubin also stated that ICS “should run on any gingerbread phone” so all of you CyangogenMod lovers can rest easy….it won’t be too long.

When will Galaxy Nexus come to Verizon?

This is not as easily answered, but I will try to ease your mind a bit. You see, Verizon has been bit int he ass the past year over release dates. The thunderbolt, the Droid X, the Droid Charge were all effected by changing release dates over and over after they set a hard date. Verizon also announced it’s new flagship device, the Droid Razr yesterday. All of the PR and hype will center around the Razr. Verizon didn’t even mention a release date for that yet. I think Verizon is going to keep with waiting until the week of or week beforeĀ  to give an exact date. It almost helps build the hype, and it’s not a mess if the first release date isn’t hit internally. Verizon wasn’t present at the press conference yesterday, and wasn’t really mentioned. Yes, they said the phone will be LTE in the US and we all know that means Verizon. But you didn’t hear the typical “coming to the nations fastest and most reliable network” babble of usual. Remember the HTC Thunderbolt? That was the first LTE phone for Verizon and didn’t get too much pub until it was released. This phone is a Nexus. It’s not going to be filled with a ton of Verizon apps and will be unlockable quite easily. Verizon hates the idea of that. So instead of seeing some big pre-order hype and release date shenanigans, Verizon will likely just announce this phone in the shadow of the Droid Razr. I am going to shoot for Nov 17 as my best guess. The date most people think is the 10th, and I am just not sure they want the Razr and the Nexus released at the same time.

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