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When I was told that Battlefield 3′s engine (Frostbite 2), gameplay and over all experience would trump that of BF2 Bad Company, I simply said “Prove it”.  I had enjoyed previous Battlefields so much, I couldn’t imagine them being blown away.  I am excited to write that they have indeed been made obsolete.


The Frostbite 2 engine is just simply amazingly smooth.  I am currently running an Nvidia 560 Ti graphics card and the level of detail and smooth rendering I experienced is almost jaw dropping.  Facial features, troop movement and even the bullet physics were enough to make me buy the game even if I had no idea how to play a First person Shooter.


In the spirit of the Battefields before it BF3 shines in multiplayer.  It keeps the original game modes, tickets will tick down, you can rush to capture points and defense is still frustrating when your teammates want to stand out in the middle shooting wildly at passing clouds.  Upon release server latency was a small problem for me, however a few days later I haven’t experienced any real issues.

Be prepared to be frustrated at first.  As with any multiplayer competitive game, learning the maps, movements and gun attributes can take time.  Patience is key here, so don’t just rage quit because you have no idea where the sniper that killed you was.  The reward is playing a beautiful game, hopefully with some friends.

The addition of co-op missions were an excellent decision by DICE.  I haven’t had a chance to play them myself, however I did watch one and they looked to be a load of fun.

Single Player:

First I will say this; I understand the campaign is NOT the main focus of a Battlefield game.  The story was fine, the environments were excellent, but the enemies AI is what really troubled me.

I like to play my First Person Shooters on the hardest setting out of the box.  Why?  I’ve been playing FPS for so long that if I play on normal I don’t feel challenged, instead I feel like I”m sitting back listening to a story.  The AI enemies on hard however are not just more accurate, but they also apparently learned that by killing the player the mission is over and all of the enemies seem to have x-ray vision.

Here are some examples: (WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!)

The first main example, was during the mission as Blackburn when you sneak inside the vault.  I silently stab the guard per his instructions and all hell breaks loose.  Crawling to use the railing as cover I notice he runs ahead, fully exposed.  The enemies don’t even shoot at him.  I pop up my head up, bullets light up the my screen.  I test this a few times, not coming up at the same place, crawling all over the floor to find where to shoot, but somehow the enemies track me and completely ignore him.

During the Paris missions are Dima, I was on the second floor of the office building.  My team went left and I went right, silently took out enemy to begin a flanking maneuver.  An enemy on the other side of the wall who should have been engaged by my AI teammates began shooting the wall down around me.  I thought this was a fluke so I reloaded, did it again without running, same outcome.

I did eventually beat the campaign, but it was not without many many deaths.

Overall, buy the game for the multiplayer and enjoy one of my favorite co-op competitive games of all time.  If you are looking for a gift and are torn between BF3 and Modern Warfare 3, I can help solve that for you.  Are you, or the person you are going to buy the gift for able to play well with others?  If no, get Modern Warfare 3.

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  • buddy4095 says:

    First you say you never play a FPS game, then you say you had BF2 bad company, then you say you always play on ‘hard’ settings. Which is it ? You’re right – if you want quality then buy MW3 – which isnt out yet BTW. How can you compare ? Geez. Like I really listen to what you say . . .

  • Merc Hoffman says:

    I believe you misread the line stating a hypothetical ‘even if I had no idea how to play a [FPS]‘.
    Also the comparison with MW3 should have been qualified with beta knowledge and the formula of the previous Modern Warfare installments.