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Have you seen some independently developed games and thought “That look interesting, but I’m not sure about this game”?  Well good news, now you can buy a pack of indie games for a potentially low price AND help out charity.  It’s like the gamer version of paying it forward!

“The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle” is the fourth installment of the Humble Indie bundle series.  I have personally purchased all but the first pack and wish I had.  As of the time of the article the average paid price for the current bundle is $4.66; compare that to the price of $25 for each game separately and you have my attention.

Assuming you pay more than the average, by at least a penny, you will be entitled to the following games with this pack:

Trine:  A 3 character, side scrolling, puzzle game that takes me back to my early days of gaming with the classic “The Lost Vikings.”  I have enjoyed this games that combines a hack and slash side scroller with some fun physics puzzles.

Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor:  This is a top down shooter, sort of in the spirit of a Smash TV or Warhammer 40k: Kill Team.  The voice active and plot can feel similar to a B SyFy original movie, however the game play is still fun.  Don’t go into this thinking you are about to experience a deep Dead Space-esque run through an alien world humans tried to inhabit, but more expect that level of fun you get when you watch a movie you know is not going to win any awards, but is still fun.

Trauma: This is a recent addition to the pack and I’ve only taken a brief look at it.  So far my impression is a mix of play Myst or similar adventure title and listening to Dashboard confessionals or Brick by Ben Folds.  An oddly depressing and melancholy puzzle solving game, I still found myself drawn to have to finish the first puzzle.  I will admit I did not play past the first puzzle, but I will revisit this later when I’m looking something off beat to play.

Frozen Synapse:  Very interesting game.  It’s a tactical shoot a la Rainbow Six with a top down RTS view and an odd TRON feel to it.  The general run down is that you are handling all of the tactics, strategy and positioning for your soldiers.  This is down in turn style game play with the enemy team.  In the campaign mode you are given a set number of turns to defeat the enemy forces;  this definitely added a challenge.  There is also a multiplayer mode that I have not explored, but I can imagine may be very nerve racking in the same way a game of russian roulette chess would be.

Overall I would say pick up this pack.  It will help some charities and you will have a few rainy day games for when you just want to fiddle around with something that won’t make you cry if you accidentally die or delete your character.

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