The Worlds Second Largest Building May Be A Solar Tower That Gives 100,000 People Electricity

| October 4, 2011 | Reply

Roger Davey of Enviromission has quite the idea stirring up. They want to make the world second largest building in the Arizona desert. It won’t contain any office buildings, a helicopter pad or a hotel with a great view of some mountains. It will just be 2,600 feet tall of concrete with 32 wind turbines in it. To get the turbines to spin, air will be pushed into the tower and heated in translucent coverings around the tower. The air get heated to 194 degrees and begins to rush up the tower and spin the turbines. The taller the building, the stronger the airflow is. Because of the way this works, the tower will even work after the sun has gone down. There will be no water cooling needed for the tower and the construction alone would take two years and create 1500 construction jobs. The cost of the investment would be about $750 million, and the tower would last for 80 years. The most interesting part of all of this: It would power 100,000 homes with just the one tower. Personally, I think it’s a great idea.

Source: Dailytech

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