Verizon Wireless Introduces Facetones

| October 6, 2011 | Reply

People love or hate ringtones. I hate them. I don’t need to hear whatever song you like at the time when your phone rings. I don’t need some sound every timeĀ I get a text/email/tweet/facebook message. But, some people like them and use the excuse “I want to be able to know it’s my phone ringing in the crowd”. If you’re in a large enough crowd to need to be able to single out your ringtone, you probably won’t hear it anyway. Go vibrate or go home.

That being said, now in addition to custom ringtones, you can add facetones. There is an app to manage the facetones and more or less what it does is when a person calls, photos you choose of a person will show as a slideshow on your screen. The app cost is $2.99 and the monthly charge is $1. The app should work on all Android smartphones over Verizon.

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