Warranty/Insurance Plans Revealed For Sprint’s iPhone

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Recently some information was revealed to GN about the details of the warranty and insurance protection that will be offered for the Sprint iPhone.  Currently, Sprint offers 3 different protection options for your phone purchase:

Equipment Service and Repair Program (ESRP):

-costs $4 a month and covers all hardware and software defects that would normally be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for as long as you are paying for the protection.  If a customer does not have either ESRP or TEP, warranty service or repair can be performed for a $35 fee, after which the customer has the option to enroll in any protection options.

Equipment Replacement Program (ERP):

-costs $4 a month and offers replacement coverage in the event of device loss, theft, accidental damage, or hardware/software defects that occur outside of the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty.  Coverage is provided by Asurion, who charges a $50 deductible for basic or messaging phones, and a $100 deductible for smartphones, in the event that you need to file a claim.   Overnight shipping is standard as long as that model is in stock, and all cases except theft or loss, the old device is required to be returned.

Total Equipment Protection (TEP):

-costs $8 a month and combines both of the above


So far, there is no information on if these options will be available for the iPhone later on, but they for sure will not be available “at launch”.  I do suspect that eventually something carrier-related will be offered for the iPhone because similar options are available on both AT&T and Verizon.  But here are the initial options that customers will have for iPhone protection:


-available for the iPhone 4 only.  A one-time purchase of $69 gets you 2 years (from purchase date of the phone) of full technical support and warranty service/replacement through Apple.  The coverage can be added at any time but does not cover lost, stolen, or damaged devices.


-available for both the 4 and the 4S.  A one-time purchase of $99 gets you 2 years of full technical support, warranty service/replacement, and coverage against accidental damage through Apple.  The coverage can only be added at time of purchase and a $49 fee applies in the event of accidental damage, with a maximum of 2 damage replacements during the 2 years.

If customers elect not to purchase Apple Care, they do have some limited options through Sprint if their device suffers malfunction outside of Apple’s 1-year warranty.  Sprint will provide you with a replacement iPhone, and the cost depends on exactly what the malfunction is.  A $50 fee will cover things such as dead pixels in the screen, the volume rocker not working, etc.  A $199 fee will apply in the case that the charging port becomes defective, or if the phone refuses to power on at all.  Now those are only examples given to us by our source – full details will become available at launch next week.  Note that none of the above options covers device theft or loss, so it remains to be seen what future protection, if any, will be offered in those instances.

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